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CB-550 / CB-750 K4

In 1974 the CB550 Four was introduced on the US market as an update to the CB500 Four. The models were cosmetically similar. Mechanically the model had some significant improvements in the transmission and of course the extra 50cc displacement.

This is the original brochure for the American market. It shows a CB550 Four (K0) together with a CB750 Four K4 both in Candy Maroon Metallic. Other colors available for the CB550 Four this year were Candy Jade Green and Candy Flake Orange.

In these pictures you can see some of the distinctive features: the bigger gauges, bigger taillight and taillight holder are similar to the 1973 CB500 Four K2. But new to this model is a golden stripe added to the white stripe on the side of the fuel tank and different emblems on the side covers.

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