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Double test: Honda CB500/CB750

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

'Das Motorrad' was and is a leading motorcycle magazine from Germany. In June 1976 they did a double roadtest with the 'new' CB500 Four K2 and CB750 Four K6. Despite the design of these Honda's was a few years old already in 1976, the test results showed both motorcycles where still years ahead of the competition.

Below some excerpts from the article.

Despite the ongoing four-in-one hysteria among the riders and despite the newly released four-cylinder models with 550 and 750 cc displacement following this supposed trend, which - although everyone believed - should replace their predecessors, the “old" 500 and 750 Fours experienced a renaissance. They are now back on the market (or still), with many small improvements. We drove the two “old” new ones each over 8.000 kilometers (5.000 miles) for this test.

CB 750 K6 and CB 500 K2 are in demand as ever.

After it became known that, despite the appearance of the new Supersport models with 550 and 750 cm cubic capacity, the sale of the older Honda four-cylinder cylinders was extended for the '76 model year, the opinion was heard on various occasions that Honda was more or less pursuing the purpose of clearing the warehouse. However, a smaller dealer survey on our part produced the result that the demand for the four-in-one types is not quite as great as expected, and that the demand for the four pipes has hardly decreased. In other words: CB 750 K6 and CB 500 K2 are in demand as ever.

Skeptics have prophesied that the Honda four-cylinder engines were sensitive and in need of maintenance; the complete opposite has been found over the years. On the basis of our test experience, which we have collected together with the big Hondas, we can confirm that no other motorcycle engine coped with being kicked by the most varied of drivers during the test distance as brilliantly as these Honda Four cylinders. In order to make the agony of choice a little easier, our two test objects should finally be characterized in a nutshell: We would classify the 750 as a large, sporty travel machine, the most noticeable defects of which can be seen in the unsatisfactory fork and the hard rear suspension, the latter being wobbly With a pair of KONI's, it can be remedied. The 500, on the other hand, is a model of balance that is seldom found in our industry - a motorcycle that in a sense does justice to every purpose. The horse's foot of both machines is ultimately the rear-wheel drive via an open chain, which is slowly becoming unbearable for today's terms. If you finally get hold of this horse's foot, these two Hondas will be years ahead of the competition!

Das Motorrad, June 1976.

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