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For The Quiet Rider (3)

This is a very rare and original brochure for the Japanese version of the 1971 CB500 Four (K0). The brochure is more of a booklet in a large format. Star of the many colorful and high resolution photos is a beautiful Candy Jade Green 500 Four.

I have tried to translate the Japanese text in the brochure as good as possible. After reading it, it's clear Honda was proud of their 500 Four!

The era of good motorcycles has begun. Dream CB500FOUR is now made with pride. For men who love motorcycles and set strict requirements, the Dream CB500FOUR will be the most suitable motorcycle.

All of the new modern technology is contained in this motorcycle. At the same time, it can be said that there is something similar to warm blood between the human being and the machine that makes it, and that the heart of the rider is connected to the Dream CB500FOUR without hesitation.

The elegance that oozes from the whole makes the Dream CB500FOUR even more unique. Whether it's running or parked, the neat appearance of a motorcycle that inherits the legitimacy is reminiscent of the owners.

There is the word high quality. That is exactly the case with the Dream CB500FOUR mechanics. The result of pursuing excellent functions led to high quality and also produced beauty.

Dream CB500 FOUR. Its personality and performance. This motorcycle is the most clear expression of Honda's thinking about motorcycles in the future. It can be said that Honda has prepared a new answer to the ever-expanding pig machine poom. The only design concept that makes the Dream CB500FOUR strong is to make it an ideal motorcycle to be chosen by truly excellent riders. For that reason, we do not allow any security. It is no exaggeration to say that Honda's rich tradition, all the technologies it has, and the love of motorcycles, have completed the Dream CB500FOUR so far. The Dream CB500 FOUR has the original beauty of a two-wheeled vehicle, which seems to be rather classic in its style, but has all the latest modern mechanisms from the engine to the frame, from the brakes to the switch, and has flexible driving performance. What we are proud of is that we should just show that the correct way of motorcycles, which is often not overlooked in pursuit of rough power and meaningless decorations, should be. Honda likes this motorcycle when you appreciate the personality and performance of the Dream CB500 FOUR, which likes orthodoxity, eliminates vanity, but steams the "luxury" to make a better car. It can be said that the hard work has been fully done.

If it's just for running, there are other fruit rides. But if you choose a motorcycle, the Dream CB500FOUR, you know how much you can get from this motorcycle.

It is up to the owner to decide how to make the best use of the performance in the specifications. Dream CB500FOUR is always ready to meet your love. As long as you are loved, without losing its power and beauty.

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