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Power. Who else in the world builds such a machine.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

This is an original 1971 brochure for the German market. It shows a German version of the CB500 Four (K0) in Candy Garnet Brown. These photos show the turn signals and rear light that were used specifically on Honda's in Germany.

Honda CB 500 Four: The only 500cc - 4 cylinder - machine in the world.

Four carburetors feed a beefy power plant. Overhead camshaft and 5-speed gearbox underline the sporty appeal of this machine.

The large disc brake at the front and the powerful drum brake at the rear prove that with all this power, safety is not neglected.

But it can also come up with other innovations: Trip meter, control lamp console, lockable helmet holder and a high beam are part of the standard equipment of this unique machine.

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