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Road and track ready.

Many years ago I saw some pictures on an internet forum of a modified CB500 Four

racing on Zandvoort in the seventies. I really liked the look of the bike so I held on to these pictures. Recently I found and contacted the (former) owner, Theo Schavemaker, and asked him if I could post his pictures here. He agreed and also supplied me with some interesting background information. Thank you Theo!

Here is the story and the cool pictures from a road and track ready CB500 Four (K1)!

Theo bought the CB500 Four new in February 1973 and started modifying it a year later. As you can see in the pictures a lot of modifications where made. The original 4 into 4 exhaust was replaced by a 4 into 1 example with an aluminium Megaton silencer. The steel rims where swapped for a pair of aluminium Borranis. The front suspension was stiffened and KONI shocks where mounted in the rear. All to improve the handling. The original front and rear fenders, seat and handlebars also had to make room for racing style parts. Together with a top-half fairing the end result was finished with a special paint job. The ultimate CB500 Four ready for road and track.

Theo in action on Circuit Zandvoort in the early seventies.

In the early seventies disc brakes became more and more popular. Another motorcycle racer wanted a second disc brake on his 500 Four so Theo traded the original disc from his bike for a Fontana drum brake. Which was a goed deal because the braking was much better!

To change to appearance of the bike Theo decided to replace the fueltank by one from a CB750 Four. Then he made the fiberglass seat unit himself and added a fiberglass tophalf and front fender. He also painted the bike himself. The styling was inspired by the colors of Goos Letterman, a dutch motorcycle racer back then.

Somewhere in Markarska, Croatia (former Yugoslavia) in 1978. On the road for 4 weeks with only a tankbag and a small backpack. Who needs a topcase and sidecases. ;-)

Topping up the oil after racing on the Automotodrom Grobnik racetrack in Reijka, Croatia (former Yugoslavia).

Theo sold the bike in 1979 and traded it for a new CB 900 F Bol D'or.

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