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Smooth, Powerful Patrol Motorcycles

Updated: May 26, 2021

This is a very rare and original brochure for Honda's Police Motorcycles: the CB500P and CB750P. It shows al the special equipment used on the police versions. I bought it about 15 years ago and haven't seen one for sale since.

The police motorcycles were delivered in a complete white outfit. Parts that are finished in chrome on the standard models, are almost all painted in an off white. Just like the frame and several plastic parts like the inner rear mudguard and the mudflap at the back.

Unique to the police versions are also the solo saddle, document box on the back and headlight cover including a special speedo. The needle on the speedometer can be stopped by a handlebar switch to record a speeding offense.

As seen in the pictures the police bikes where equipped with several chrome safety bars in front and back. A mechanical siren and dual lamps are mounted on the front bar. The siren is controlled by an extra lever below the clutch lever. Pulling and holding this second hand lever engages a long, ribbed drive wheel, holding it against the right side of the rear tire. The drive wheel is mounted on a bell crank that pivots when the lever is pulled in, thus holding the drive wheel against the tire. A massive cable, rather like a super-sized tachometer cable, is driven off the ribbed wheel to the back of the siren, where it spins the siren mechanism.

Below the CB500P, based on the CB500 Four K1. Engine specifications are equal to the standard versions.

I recently acquired an original CB500P myself. It is one of only 12 originally delivered in Luxembourg. These versions have some special features ordered by the Luxembourg Police Department. The fuel tank has been modified to make room for radio communication and the engine seems to have been upgraded to deliver more performance. I will post more information about this bike in the near future.

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